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Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide – Sapa tours

Mount Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam and Indochina peninsula, located in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. It was once only visited by adventure seekers fit enough to make the strenuous hike, but now this mountain offers a few different experiences for all types of travelers. Regardless of the new tram that brings people to the summit of this large peak, you should make the trek to meet travelers, experience adventure, and talk with locals.

Here is all the information about the Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide which you need to know before take a great trip.

fansipan Vietnam Travel guide


Fansipan is a mountain in Vietnam. The height of the mountain was 3,143 meters (10,312 ft) in 1909, but now the height of the mountain is 3,147.3 meters (10,326 ft). It is the highest mountain in the Indochinese Peninsula (comprising Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), hence its nickname “the Roof of Indochina”. It is located in the Lào Cai Province of the Northwest region of Vietnam, 9 km southwest of Sa Pa in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Administratively, it is shared between Tam Đường district, Lai Châu and Sa Pa town, Lào Cai.

Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide

Best time to visit Fansipan

It is very important to research the weather and when to visit various places in Vietnam as the rainy season can put a gloomy mood on things. With Mount Fansipan, you will be trekking in part for the gorgeous views of the top and Sapa valley but you won’t see these views if it’s cloudy and rainy. You might also be freezing when you get there.

Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide

For the most ideal conditions, make the trek between October and April. During the summer, it can rain and make the trail treacherous even with good hiking shoes. However, December and January can be quite cold, the peak has even seen some snow! If you are in Hanoi and have a flexible schedule, I suggest watching the weather in order to ensure the best experience. Sapa is a far hike in of itself, the trek even longer, so make sure the weather conditions are ideal.

How to get to Fansipan Moutain from Sapa?

You can refer to information about how to get to Sapa from Hanoi first of all.

To get Fansipan from Sapa, here is the suggestion for you:

From Sapa to Fansipan Cable Car Station

Located in the Fansipan Legend tourist area, Fansipan cable car station is 3 km away from the Stone Church – the center of Sapa town. You also have multiple choices to get to the cable car station, such as taking a taxi, a train or going on foot.

Go by Taxi

Taking a taxi is the option to get to the Fansipan cable car fastest which only takes you about 10 minutes

Go on Foot

If you want to walk to the station you can go from Stone Church to Thac Bac Crossroad, turn left to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street and go straight to Fansipan Legend (about 1.7 km). With many signs along the road, you can get to the station easily.

Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide
Go by Train

From March 2018, visitors will have an even better option for going, which is the Muong Hoa mountain train connecting Sa Pa town with the Fansipan cable car station. With a total length of approximately 2 km, this is the longest mountain railway in Vietnam up to the present time. The train departs from the MGallery hotel in Sa Pa town and finishes its journey on the Fansipan cable car station. The train goes through several mysterious tunnels, crosses the viaduct and offers passengers a view to looking down the majestic natural beauty of Muong Hoa valley and peaceful villages.

Fansipan Cable Car Tickets

Entrance fee and admission is one of the parts which you need to know about Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide

You will buy tickets directly at the Cable Car station and they are only valid for one day. The tickets are circular magnetic ones and are magnetic cards so you have to keep it carefully because you will have to give it back.

Note that the cable car tickets are only valid for use during the day of buying so do not buy in advance to keep tickets if you do not have time to go to Fansipan that day. The best way is when you go to the station to buy tickets directly because the payment process for cable car tickets quite fast and easy now, you do not have to wait for long as before.

Cable Car Ticket Price Muong Hoa Funicular Ticket Price Fansipan Funicular Ticket Price
Adult 700,000 VND 50,000 VND 70,000 VND
Children (from 1 to 1.4 Meters) 500,000 VND 50,000 VND 70,000 VND

Note: Fansipan Vietnam Travel guide

  • Only valid for the selected visit date
  • No refund or exchange
  • Return ticket value (Fansipan Funicular Ticket Exclusive)

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