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Hanoi travel

Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam, and also its second-largest city, is a fascinating blend of East and West, combining traditional Sino-Vietnamese motifs with French flair. It is largely unscathed from the decades of war and is now going through a building boom, making it a rapidly developing city in Southeast Asia.

Hanoi is located in the northern region of Vietnam, situated in Vietnam’s Red River delta, nearly 90 km (56 mi) away from the coastal area.

Consistently ranked among the world’s top 10 destinations by TripAdvisor, the city and its surrounding region get more tourists every day.

Best things to do in Hanoi

Enjoy street food in Hanoi

Pho Bo

Bun Cha

Banh Cuon

Banh My

Banh Xeo

Nom Bo Kho

Cha Ca


Egg Coffe

Enjoy Water Puppet Shows

Water puppet show (Múa rối nước, “Making puppets dance on water”) is a tradition that dates back as far as the 11th century when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta area of northern Vietnam.  Vietnamese water puppetry is a unique variation on the ancient Asian puppet tradition. This is an interesting show which is on the “must- try” on the “Things to do in Vietnam list”

Take a Vespa to explore Hanoi

Taking a Vespa tour to explore Hanoi definitely is a great thing for a foreigner when the first time coming to Vietnam.

If you wonder how to take this experience, let refer this Vespa tour

Visit the following Hanoi attractions:

Ho Chi Minh complex

One Pillar Pagoda

Temple of Literature

Hoa Lo Prison

Vietnam Woman Museum

Vietnam War Museum

Ethnology Museum

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