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Lao Chai Ta Van Sapa- Vietnam

Lao Chai – Ta Van is about 7km from Sapa town. It is known as a shelter for a large number of ethnic people: Mong, Dzao, Dzay … If Sapa town is bustling, then Lao Chai Ta Van is peaceful. The first impression that makes you surprised is the vast terraced fields that spread across the hillsides.

Lao Chai Ta Van


Lao Chai – Ta Van lies in the valley, flanked by two rows of Hoang Lien Son and Ham Rong majestic mountains. It is surrounded by villages with rice terraced fields. These terraced fields have existed for hundreds of years and are all made by talented hands. And these fields are hundreds of hectares wide … looks like giant landscape paintings with delicate curves.

Trekking in Lao Chai – Ta Van

Besides the breathtaking and majestic scenery of nature, Lao Chai – Ta Van has all the cultural beauty which you should trekking to enjoy. Overnight at least 1 night to feel and experience the true life of Lao Chai – the village appears from the clouds. When participating in the night tour of the village, you have the opportunity to explore a very special cultural life. Get a chance to enjoy folk food, just immersed in the living space of the ethnic and learn the style customs.

Lao Chai Ta Van

Overnight in a homestay

The family living room is the place where visitors live, read books, watch television. Local people decorate their houses with brocade, almond, wooden bells on the neck of cattle and buffalo … The experience of cultural identity will lack the poetic part if you are not enjoying the dishes of the local people. Most of the dishes made from Self-grown vegetables, pigs, chickens raised by themselves… Especially, you will never forget the chilly atmosphere with the special corn wine of ethnic minorities.

Lao Chai Ta Van

Lovely experience with local people

At night, each visitor has a warm mattress, blanket, mosquito net, pillows prepared by the landlord. Because the weather in Sapa is always cold at night, the house is no window.  And that makes the atmosphere cozier… So when you join this tour of Sapa, you will achieve two purposes. Firstly, directly contribute to the economy at your destination. Secondly, exposure to friendly and hospitable people and immerse in the living space close to nature.

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