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Marble Mountain Danang – Ngu Hanh Son

Marble Mountain Danang is known as a complex of 5 limestone mountains growing close to each other. They have different height and shape and also known as the Non Nuoc mountains. Markable Mountain is in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang. This destination attracts many tourists each year to visit the landscape. Tourists visiting Ngu Hanh Son often choose Thuy Son – the largest mountain in Ngu Son to explore.

Marble Mountain Danang

The name meaning

The Marble Mountain Danang was not named by the Vietnamese, but by the French after studying the chemical element of the mountain’s soil. In Vietnamese, it is known as Ngu Hanh Son (The Five Element Mountain). Accordingly, there are five separate mountains in the cluster, named after the five basic elements of life (according to Eastern philosophy): Kim Son (Mt. Metal), Moc Son (Mt. Plant), Thuy Son (Mt. Water), Hoa Son (Mt. Fire), and Tho Son (Mt. Soil).


Named after the five elements: water, metal, wood, fire and soil, each mountain offers a wonderful sight of natural beauty.

Thuy Son (Water Mountain)

The worthiest mountain to visit in the Marble Mountains must be Thuy Son (the mountain of water) which has become the sanctuary attracting many Buddhist anchorites. 

You should visit the mountain’s pagodas and shrines outside and inside caves. Tam Thai Pagoda is the first pagoda to visit in Thuy Son. Hike up a steep slope of 156 steps to reach the three-gate entrance. Built in the 17th century, the pagoda is about 400 years old, with most of its structure renovated many times throughout history.

While in Thuy Son Mount, make sure to visit Huyen Khong Cave where you can see the heavenly light shining vertically through the top of the cave, touching the Buddha statues inside the cave.

Hell Cave lies just opposite of Huyen Khong Cave, opening the whole another world to the eyes of tourists. It’s literary Buddhist’s hell made visible by the work of humans to illustrate the inevitable future awaiting those who committed in wrongdoings. Dark, humid and filled with strange and scary creatures in the corners, Hell Cave is a place you can test your mentality. 

Marble Mountain Danang

Kim Son (Metal Mountain)

Not as dramatic as Water Mount, Kim Son or the mountain of metal has two pagodas – Quan Am and Thai Son and one Quan Am Cave. The cave is a must-see spot, featuring a very well carved human-size Bodhisattva statue made of natural marble. The statue looks like and is believed a work of centuries of water abrasive process on the cave. 

Moc Son (Mt. Plant)

Moc Son mountain is located in parallel with Thuy Son mountain.  Despite the name “wood” but here the sparse tree. On Moc Son mountain, there is no pagoda but only a block of white marble commonly referred to by locals as Ba Ba Quan Am or Co Mu.

Marble Mountain Danang

Hoa Son (Mt. Fire)

Located opposite Thuy Son mountain is Hoa Son mountain. There are two twin mountains and one connecting the stone road. In Duong Hoa Son mountain, there are grottoes and Pho Son Da pagodas, while Am Hoa Son has a high ridge and rocky slopes with alternating trees. The scene is extremely majestic and pristine.

Tho Son (Mt. Soil)

Tho Son mountain is also known by a popular name which is “Da Chong mountain”. Tho Son is a lower mountain but stretches the longest among the five Marble Mountains. In Tho Son, there is a deep cave in the mountain which is called Bo De cave (also known as Coc cave) with a narrow niche. This is a refuge for local people in the wars against France & the US.

Marble Mountain Danang

Entrance fee

– Tickets to visit Thuy Son mountain: 40.000vnd/ adult, 10.000vnd/students, kids under 6 years free

– Tickets to visit the Hell cave: 40.000vnd/adult, 7.000vnd/children, kids under 6 years free

– Tickets to visit Vong Canh hill: 10.000vnd/person

– Elevator ticket:15.000vnd/time, 30.000vnd/ round trip (elevator operates from 7h – 17h30 daily)

How to get to Markable Mountain from Danang?

The distance from the center of Da Nang city to Markable Mountain is only about 7km so you can choose to travel by motorbike, bus or taxi.

Motorbike: You can follow 2 roads to Ngu Hanh Son: Vo Nguyen Giap – Truong Sa – Non Nuoc or Le Van Hien – Non Nuoc. Travel time by motorbike is about 15 minutes.

Bus: You can choose the number 1 route from Da Nang to Hoi An, depart from Da Nang City Central Bus Station and get off at Marble Mountains. The time between trips is 20 minutes.

Taxi: Some of the taxis in Da Nang are Han River Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, Huong Lua Taxi.

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