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Mua Cave travel/ Mua Cave trip

Mua Cave is a great trekking spot for young people this summer. Discovering the Mua Cave will make visitors fall in love.

Overcoming 486 stone steps, you will surprise when climbing to the top of the mountain. Blend with thousands of clouds, admire the breathtakingly lush nature, and capture the ancient citadel of Ninh Binh. Discovering the majestic Mua Cave is your summer meeting point.


Mua Cave belongs to Mua Mountain which is an ecotourism complex in Khe Dau Ham village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu of Ninh Binh. Becoming a famous destination when traveling Ninh Binh!

Meaning of “Mua Cave” name

Mua Cave has a mountainous terrain. Tam Coc covers Mua Cave and makes this complex become a marvelous picture. The history of the Mua Cave used to defend the imperial city against foreign invaders. The name of the Mua Cave is also derived from the folktale about King Tran moving his capital to Hoa Lu and establishing Am Thai Vi often come to the cave under the Mua Mountain, listen to the beautiful concourse of the female dancer.

Mua Cave

Mua Cave construction

The reason why people consider Mua Cave as the Great Wall of Vietnam is because of the stone steps built on the mountain, leading to the top of the mountain designed in the architecture of the Great Wall of China.

Overcoming these stone steps, visitors can also see the majestic mountain scenery. Moss clusters clinging along the way, stone slabs, staircases are meticulously sculpted in the old style, creating a feeling like going back cradling place. Four surrounding sides are towering mountains. Below the cave is the green rivers flowing smoothly, peaceful villages.

On the top of the Dance Mountain place a statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva with eyes down on the ancient capital, with peaceful looks and sweeping views of the vast Hoa Lu land.

Mua Cave

Away from the bustling urban area, Mua Cave brings peace to anyone. Visiting Hang Mua this summer will be very ideal. Because here is the cool atmosphere, surrounded by hills and trees, it is an ideal place for you to avoid the weekend sun.

Mua Cave has the image of a dragon sitting on the top of the mountain, mixed with clouds of the sky.

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