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Surprise Cave/ Sung Sot Cave- Halong Bay

Surprise Cave – Halong (known as Sung Sot Cave) is located in the central area of ​​World Heritage Ha Long Bay. This is a large and beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay. It is also home to many unique shaped rocks that are nowhere to be found. The road to Sung Sot cave is hidden under the forest canopy. When climbing to the stone step, visitors have the pleasure of a climber and the eagerness to go to the sky.

Surprise Cave - Halong


Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island in the center of the world heritage site of Ha Long Bay which is belong to the area of ​​Bai Chay, Quang Ninh. From Bai Chay pier with the main means of transport is the ship, going south about 14km, you will get here.

How to visit Bo Hon Island and Sung Sot Cave?

Sung Sot Cave/ Surprise Cave – Halong is one of the most attractive attractions on the second sightseeing route of Ha Long Bay by boat or yacht.

When transferring from Hanoi to Halong, you can take one of some convenient vehicles as below:

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  • Shuttle bus
  • Private car
  • Train

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When arrival in Tuan Chau Port, you can buy a ticket to the boat to get Sung Sot Cave. But this way will quite inconvenient for you. You must to wait for other clients and go with them. Moreover, the fee will be charged quite high if you don’t want to go with other clients.

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The “Surprise cave” meaning

This unique name comes from the surprise and shock of visitors with the majesty of the cave. This strong impression led to the French explorers who named the cave “Grotte de la surprise” – meaning Surprise cave.

A special feature of this cave is that the cave gate is very small, but the cave’s heart is extremely expanded. The only spleen through a narrow rock gap but the surprising change of the cave is an unforgettable mark in the hearts of visitors.  

Surprise Cave - Halong

Explore the inside of Sung Sot Cave

Gateway to go into Sung Sot Cave

When you arrive on Bo Hon Island, you will have to climb 50 high stone steps. Then go down 10 more stone steps to reach the cave entrance and start the journey to discover Sung Sot cave. The road to Sung Sot Cave is threaded under the forest canopy. The stones step jagged. By the mouth of the cave is high 25m from the sea level, and obscured by the luxuriant foliage.

Surprise Cave - Halong

Inside the cave

Having to slip through a narrow rock gap, you can enter the inside of the cave nearly 12,200m2 wide. Go along the 800m-long leafy path, the fascinating beauty of Sung Sot cave gradually reveals itself, appearing full of fanciful and enchanting.

Inside the cave, there is a system of paved paths along the entrance to the exit that is longer than 800 m. On both sides of the walkway are low street lampposts, which are both a signpost and a decoration and lighting device. The lighting system with elegant lamps, gentle lighting enhances the beauty of Ha Long landscape.

There are two partitions in the Sung Sot cave

The first one is similar to a theater hall with many stalactites hanging from the high ceiling. A narrow passage leads to the second chamber, where a flow of natural light bathes the surfaces. The light is filtering in from above, through a large opening creating a natural skylight, this opening also serves as the exit from the cave.

The deepest point of this chamber a “royal garden” appears with a clear pond and a fascinating landscape of small mountains. Many birds and plants here.

Sung Sot cave covers some 10,000 m2. There are thousands of stalactites and stalagmites along the 500-meter paved passage. Light posts line the passage and illuminate the amazing scenery. Spotlights of varied colors are placed in such a way to be unobtrusive and add to the enchantment of the grotto.

Surprise Cave – Halong is about 30 meters high, the walls and innumerable cracks and crevices are evidence of millions of years of spectacular natural creation. Close to the exit a mammoth formation stretches from floor to ceiling, tapering at the center to form a concave pillar that appears to be keeping the ceiling in place. Walking through the cave one’s imagination can run wild conjuring up all kinds of fantastic creatures and fanciful creations.

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