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The difference between Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay

Ha Long Bay:

In northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. Junk boat tours and sea kayak expeditions take visitors past islands named for their shapes, including Stone Dog and Teapot islets. The region is popular for scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking.

The Bay is dotted with 1,600 limestone islands and islets and covers an area of over 1,500 sqm. This extraordinary area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. For many tourists, this place is like something right out of a movie. The fact is that Halong Bay features a wide range of biodiversity, while the surrealistic scenery has indeed featured in endless movies.

Halong Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay:

If Halong Bay is the Mother Dragon then Bai Tu Long Bay is the Child Dragon, according to the legend. Compared to its mother, Bai Tu Long is more primitive and pristine, with the luxury of having fewer tourists cruising around. Bai Tu Long has also become a world heritage together with Halong Bay so there is no reason for you to not expect it to be just as beautiful as Halong.

Lying just 30 kilometers northeast towards the Chinese border, Bai Tu Long promises a great getaway destination, a great return trip to nature. Compared with 600 cruises on Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long humbles with only 30. Cruising in Bai Tu Long Bay can be very different from doing it on Halong Bay. The routes to Bai Tu Long are longer, with lesser stops for different activities.

Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay:

Right at the southern part of the famous Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is known as the twin of Halong with an intense concentration of limestone mountains which partition the sea surface into smaller bays and gulfs.

Lan Ha Bay is less famous than its twin and still under tourists’ radar; therefore, this bay remains its pristine nature with many untouched lagoons, bays, and caves. Then coming to Lan Ha Bay, you will have a chance to get closer to the local fishing life and are less likely to see as many tour boats and ships passing, never need to worry about the crowd.

The bay has up to 139 golden sandy beaches, small but pretty and isolated as “blue straits” inviting tourists to explore.

Halong Bay

What is the difference between Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay?

           Lan Ha Bay: Because this route has been deployed recently, this route is uncrowded as Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long. There are more new cruises in this route than others. However, I have to say that this route is a little bit tedious. It has no big cave in this Bay. To make your trip is more interesting, you should choose the cruise which goes through Viet Hai Village. It definitely is a great choice for anyone want to explore new places.

Halong Bay

           Bai Tu Long Bay: This can be the balance choice between Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. The population is not really crowed and you also can have a chance to visit Thien Canh Son Cave. But this cave is smaller and not beautiful than Sung Sot Cave.

Thien Canh Son Cave

           Halong: this definitely this most beautiful route. Sung Sot cave (or Surprised cave) is making a lot of clients impressed. Besides, you will get to Titop island on day two. But as I mentioned, this route is more crowed. Moreover, most of the cruises on this route have NO up-to-date facilities than the others.

Sung Sot Cave

I personally believe that Halong Bay is the best choice for you. Most of my clients choose the Halong Bay route as well. But it totally depends on your decision 🙂

If you don’t know which is the best route and the best cruise for your trip, let Go Vietnam Travel assist your holiday.

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