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Thien Ha Cave- Galaxy Grotto information

Although it is not as famous as Trang An or Tam Coc, the beauty and mystery of Thien Ha cave really enthrall people who set foot in this cave. It would be incomplete of your Ninh Binh Tours if you did not visit this place.


Thien Ha cave is a small cave in Huong Son commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. The cave is hidden in Tuong Mount (General Mount), one of Trang An range of mountains. Tuong Mount with a height of 200 meters has been known as a part of the firm natural defensive wall which covered and protected the Southeast of Hoa Lu ancient capital in the 10th century.

On boat from Muong Tho Ha mountain village (Son Ha commune), Ninh Binh tour’s tourists are rowed along Ben Dang River and turned into a one-kilometer canal. Along the canal is Tuong Mount. After that, tourists continue to walk on a 500 – meter stone path at the foot of Tuong Mount to reach the mouth of Thien Ha cave.

Thien Ha Cave
Thien Ha Cave

How Thien Ha Cave structure is?

The Thien Ha Cave, hidden in the mountain range of the General with a height of nearly 200m. It is a part of the wall of nature that is firmly encircled, protecting the capital city of Hoa Lu in the tenth century, associated with places with bold marks. history and culture of the time, such as Le boat wharf, mountain head Buddha, Field Arms soldiers … All are still majestic, arrogant.

With winding, soft as the shape of Long Chau Mountain, alternating between rural fields. fence water season. Then continue to pedestrian on the stone road about 500m long from the foot of the mountain to the cave. The entrance of the cave is not very large. Because the height of the cave is only 3m to 4m. But it is especially interesting for visitors to contemplate the smallest details of thousands of stone handmade masterpieces. It seems that all the essence is gathered here to blow the soul into the beauty that exists on each of the stone blocks are gilded gold inlaid. The length of 700m includes a 200m long dry cave and a 500m long water cave.

Dry cave – Stone Palace

Like many caves that you have a chance to admire on Hoa Lu Tam Coc tour, at Thien Ha cave, you must come and explore on your foot. That cannot lessen your excitement when going into this fairyland, but that even excite the adventurousness in your blood.

Thien Ha is compared with the galaxy on earth, not because of its name only. The cave is divided into a dry cave of 200 meters and a water cave of 500 meters.

The Dry cave is, though, not large, it gifted the golden and diamond stalagmites which sparkling in the sunshine. Because the cave has a circular hole which let the natural light pour into the bottom, it is not as dark as other caves. In contrast, inside the cave, it is splendid, multicolored and airy.

The shape of the stalagmite blocks seems to encourage the imagination of the tourists. You can see a fox enjoying its prey, an elephant sitting on its hind legs, a tiger watching for its quarry, a monkey climbing the tree… Higher is the image of Buddha, Tang Monk (Xuan Zang) chanting prayers for his disciples… All together create a virtual palace.

Thien Ha Cave
Thien Ha Cave

Water cave – The Milky Way

In the water cave, tourists continue floating on a bamboo boat on the Milky Way. Stratums of stalagmite twinkling in the sunlight and reflecting the silver-like water look like the stars in the dark sky. Tourists going on a boat feel like they are drifting slightly in the galaxy.

The name of each stalagmite block is also interesting, namely Hoa Tien (fairy flowers), Bau sua me (Breast milk shaped block), Ca hoa long (Fish becomes Dragon). The names are meaningful and close to the life of the folks here.

In the quiet space, people can hear the echo of the wind trapped inside the cave. The wind blows though the ravines and sometimes bumps against the rocks, which produces the sound like that of lithopone (a stone instrument). Together with the music from the paddles flapping the water, it performs a natural symphony.

With beautiful, magical beauty, Thien Ha eco-tourism is really a highlight of the cave tourism in Ninh Binh for tourists to explore and admire.

Cave length 700m wide with many stalactites, present in the space fanciful, previously buried in the mud now found. Visible boat to discover the Thien Ha natural scenery, mysterious caves, and mountains.

Thien Ha Cave

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