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Vietnam currency

Vietnam currency

Vietnam rate exchange

The national currency of Vietnam is Dong. This is one of the smallest denomination of currency in the world. Referred to as the Dong VND, D, or the official symbol is ₫.

The rate exchange at now for USD is 1 USD = 23.220 VND.

Please refer this link to update information about rate exchange for other countries’ currency to Vietnam currency.

Can I use USD in Vietnam?

About officially all the calculations in Vietnam are conducted only in national currency. But in practice, sometimes the prices for tourists for accommodation, tours, and travel in tourist transport immediately announced in dollars, although when calculating the count and take in dongs. Only rarely where you can pay directly in dollars and euros are generally accepted reluctantly. Sometimes, mainly in the markets, you can pay and mix: in dollars and Vietnamese Dong, or pay in dollars and get change in Dong (it is sometimes convenient and profitable).

Where to change the currency in Vietnam

Vietnam rate exchange

Currency exchange in Vietnam can be anywhere: in exchange offices, banks, hotels, jewelry stores, travel agencies, airports. The difference in the rate of exchange in different places and even different cities minor. At the airports of Vietnam, unlike airports in other countries, a very good exchange rate. So you can safely on arrival at the airport to change $ 50 and then get a rate better deal. For example, in a single day in 2018, the rate at the airport in Hanoi was 23300 dongs per dollar in the exchange offices in Hanoi 23200-23400, and the official exchange rate – 23305.

Plastic cards in Vietnam

Vietnam currency
ATM in Vietnam

The use of plastic cards in Vietnam is quite common. You can use plastic cards almost all shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies. You can found ATMs in major cities and tourist areas easily.

However, if you go into the details, the use of credit cards, especially cash withdrawal is not the best alternative to imported cash dollars or euros. ATMs in addition to the fee your Bank will hold your Commission, on average, about 50 000 VND per transaction, the maximum amount of cash withdrawals may be restricted (e.g. to 2 000 000 VND, about $ 100), the conversion rate will take place according to the official, plus with the rouble card will double conversion, and all this together will give not very good result. So try to find an ATM, which gives at once the sum is larger and takes a smaller commission.

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