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Vietnam taboos

Here is the Vietnam taboos list which you can not bring to Vietnam:

  • Sharp objects or cutting tools (such as knives, cutters, letter openers, scissors, tool boxes, screwdrivers, darts, etc.)
  • Sports equipment such as baseball bats, billiards, golf clubs, hockey sticks, ski bars, armored gloves, hammers, boomerangs and didgeridoos
Vietnam taboos
  • More than one matchbox or lighter (see details below)
  • Guns or weapons (including templates)
  • Flammable, corrosive or toxic items
  • Printer or cartridge weighing 16oz or 453g or more, on flights departing from, passing through or departing from, USA, Vancouver and London
  • Liquid oxygen system (see accepted oxygen cylinder regulations below)
  • Protective devices that contain irritants or neurotoxins, such as pepper spray
  • Electric shock weapons contain dangerous substances such as explosives, compressed air, or lithium batteries
  • Aerosols are not medicine or personal hygiene items
Vietnam taboos
  • Security-type devices – such as briefcases, cash boxes and cash bags – contain lithium batteries, pyrotechnic materials or other dangerous items inside the device
  • Hoverboard, Mini-Segway, one wheel, air wheel, balance wheel, Lithium skateboard or personal transport device with memory and recreational vehicles Small analog run on lithium battery
  • Built-in battery or spare lithium battery with capacity more than 160Wh or 8g lithium, see details in Shipping lithium batteries
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs or mobile devices are only allowed as checked baggage and you need to notify us of these types of luggage when booking. For more information on traveling with each type of battery, see the services for people with wheelchairs.
  • Appraisal equipment to monitor air quality; Allowed to deposit under strict conditions, contact us for more details
  • Do not carry Samsung Note 7 in checked or hand luggage. It’s on the Vietnam taboos list.

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