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Vietnam traffic

Vietnam Traffic

How is traffic in Vietnam?

Before coming to Vietnam, a lot of visitors worry about Vietnam traffic in common. ” It is crazy” is feedback which was given by many travelers for a few years ago. But don’t worry. It is not really bad as you think. Recently, traffic in Vietnam is so much better. Most of the clients when returning Vietnam fell happy about this improvement. But here it is, let us give you some tips if this is the first time you come to Vietnam:

* Keep calm and go-ahead

Don’t be afraid of the crowed vehicle row. Just keep calm and go ahead. When you cross a road, especially in a central city, the traffic will crow anytime. Don’t rush. Step by step, you will cross the road without difficulty. Every vehicle will avoid you. Make sure that you don’t gaze at a phone or look at a beautiful girl at that time :)))

*Wearing a helmet when you are on the road

This is really important for you. To avoid any demise, this is not a bit of excessive advice. It will save for you and for others as well.

*Use markup when going out

*Compliance the traffic light rule

Some people joke with their friends that traffic in Vietnam is not like anywhere. You can see some people still keep going when the traffic light is red. They suppose that Red light is not means stop. Just be careful more. When the traffic light is yellow, some people go fast. Of course, the green light is nothing to say. Laugh of a laugh. But be careful. They are risked, people. You shouldn’t do like them. Just keep calm. Slower but safer.

Besides, if you wonder what is the most popular vehicle in Vietnam, let refer some following information:

+ Motobike in Vietnam:

Vietnam traffic
“xe om Vietnam” – Grab Vietnam

This is the most popular vehicle type in Vietnam traffic. Because of that, it is extremely convenient for you to travel along Vietnam. Grab and traditional grab is used widely in Vietnam. The same and better-known taxi app in Europe, the US and the rest of the world is Uber. Uber was the biggest competitor of Grab is Southeast Asia, but since early 2018, Grab has taken over the entire branch of Uber in Southeast Asia. The grab is everywhere. Especially, the fee for this transport method is affordable. Of course, don’t forget to install the Grab app on your phone so that you can make it work.

Taxi Vietnam:

Vietnam Traffic Tips
Taxi in Vietnam

You can easily take a taxi anywhere in Hanoi city but it is quite difficult to find out a taxi in a small town. If you want to go anywhere in Hanoi city, you can ask the hotel receptionist to book for you instead. Kindly remember to ask the receptionist about the exact amount before taking in the taxi. Or if you worry about “ripping off”, just wait for a taxi on the pavement, it doesn’t take a long time. But trust in me, most hotels will help you to ask taxi with no fee, especially with the luxury hotels. Some of the famous and reputable taxi groups such as Mai Linh Group, Vinasun taxi,….

Bus in Vietnam

Shuttle bus in Vietnam

  • Public bus: the type of vehicle also is recommended if you want to go around Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh cities central. It is so much cheaper than a taxi or motorbike (estimated 7000 vnđ/ route). Of course, it has a disadvantage as well. You should be changed a lot of bus numbers if the route is long. It will be better if you go with a native friend.
  • Shuttle bus: this type of vehicle will be very useful when you travel to Halong. The bus can be limousine D- car, so it really high qualified than the others. Just one thing which you need to make sure to use the shuttle bus service is that you need to book 2 days 1 night the cruise or 3 days 2 nights on the cruise. At least, you need to book a daily tour to have this service.

Train in Vietnam

Vietnam Traffic tips
Train in Vietnam

You should try this service when you come to Vietnam. The training fee is a medium between the bus and plane. Besides the cabin of the train, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape along Vietnam. Why don’t you take a train to go to Sapa and come back to Hanoi by bus? I personally believe that you will never regret to take this interesting experience.

Vietnam plane

Vietnam traffic Tips
Vietnam plane

Of course, the plane is the highest qualified vehicle. But as you know, you get which you pay for. There are some popular airlines in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Airline: The fee is higher than others, but the service is good. The flight time is hardly changed. Not only meals are included in the flight fee but also 20kg as well. I would recommend this airline for the clients. You just need to pay more not too much, but the service is much better than the others.
  • Vietjet Air: This is the airline for anyone who wants to take a cheap fee. It is also a good choice if you don’t have a lot of luggage. But the reality is that this airline usually is delayed. It will be a big issue if you go travel with a fixed itinerary
  • Jet Star: As the same as Vietjet air, this airline has a good rate. The quality is not really better than the two airlines above. But recently, a lot of people trust this supplier.

There are some other vehicle types such as cyclo, bike, ….Most of that will have available if you book through a travel agency. If you need to book a private car, motorbike, biking tour or cyclo tour,…. choosing to Go Vietnam Travel is the best choice.

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